Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Diya Sellers

  Diya sellers are a common site on roadsides with heaps of diyas of various size and shapes eagerly waiting for buyers.   Beautiful handcrafted terracota diyas are sold a few days prior to Diwali  and mysteriously disappear after the festival !
Does anyone spare a thought for these poor vendors who wait for the entire year to make some money and buy something for themselves? Their dreams and hopes rest on these few days of festival , God forbid if it rains then these people are left with piles of unsold diyas .
The process of making terracota diyas is quite laborious and lengthy,a special type of clay is required,a potter's wheel is utilised and later the shaped diyas are fired in a kiln. Various types of household utensils like bowls and plates made of terracota  belonging to Indus valley civilisation can be seen in museums .
People happily spend thousands of rupees on irrelevant stuff like  gifts which are generally passed to others or put away without being put to use.
Let's not haggle with these poor artisans for a few rupees , they too have to fulfill family obligations like the rest of us and wait eagerly to make some profit during Diwali season .

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