Friday, December 19, 2014

Clay Garden

I love flowers,period ,perhaps this has inspired me to create clay flowers which do not wilt and stay fresh for years.
One of my students asked me as to how I could identify  flowers and their parts like stamen, calyx,sepals and of course petals , the credit goes to my family who always maintained a well tended garden.There were seasonal flowers for winter, summer and even monsoons! It was but natural to create flower arrangements for the house using the flowers available.
We had a beautiful garden planted with seasonal flowers and perennial flowers like roses, bougainvilleas , hedges, shrubs and also a well tended vegetable garden like most of our relatives and friends , my friend even had a green rose climber! 
Fortunately I can identify most flowers as the gardeners were kind enough to tell me the names of the various flowers. 
Lucknow  has a famous Botanical Garden , flower and plant sellers put up stalls in every nook and corner of the city and are well versed with their craft and give full details of the height and flower size of the plants , also how to look after them.
Nowadays few people have the luxury of having a spacious garden , gardeners are also a lost breed.Apartment living does not allow much scope for gardening, lack of sunlight and space is a major hindrance. One can have a balcony garden but sunlight is  a must for growing flowers,ornamental plants do not interest me.
Luckily I  stumbled on clay flowers on the internet and started making flowers, what should I make today ?

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