Monday, September 29, 2014

Movies Then and Now

           Multiplexes have become commonplace nowadays, most people head towards a Mall to unwind during weekends and holidays. Its usual to spend a day shopping, have lunch/dinner and later top it with a movie ! One is sure to catch a movie of one's choice as several shows are running at any given time. No need to rush for tickets as they are already booked and paid for online,what fun!
       Anyone who has seen movies earlier will vouch for the missing magic , the thrill of getting tickets in advance booking, asking for Balcony aisle seats , getting cold drinks and snacks served there itself ! And the screen, wide ,beautifully decorated with folded curtains  , elaborate designs on walls of the hall itself.
Most cities had cinema halls famous for their beauty and decorations. Delhi had many nice cinema theatres in Cannaught Place ,I remember many seeing hit movies there with my parents.
      Now the multiplexes have screens the size of handkerchiefs ,tiny halls with a democratic seating arrangement ,unaware junta can be in a shock getting the front seats after paying a few hundred bucks!
   No edibles are allowed inside multiplexes in the name of security and one ends up paying Rs 100 for (hopefully) 100 pop corns in a paper container.Not only popcorn , a staple at movies ,one has to buy water and other snacks at exorbitant rates.
 The new generation easily spends at least 500 bucks per head watching a movie without blinking an eye but bargains with the poor vegetable vendor or worse the peanut seller  and grumbles about rising prices !

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