Saturday, May 17, 2014

Summers and Sparrows

       Sparrows have become nearly extinct and  rarely seen , earlier they were pretty common and considered city birds.March and April were busy months for these small birds, nooks and corners in the houses and the conical attachment of the ceilings were their favourite spots! The male and female sparrow flew up and around, collecting tiny twigs, cotton , thread and anything that could make their nest cosy and welcoming .Their chirping and twittering went on ceaselessly throughout the day.
Nearly all households kept  rice and cereals scattered in the courtyards for these tiny birds who arrived at the same time everyday for their ration.These bright- eyed birds were harmless , chirpy and considered a part of life unlike today when even a single sparrow is considered a guest!
Sparrows are rarely sited , its said that the new lifestyle has harmed their survival .
Childhood summers meant sparrows flying around nesting, studying for exams and then long vacations when guests were heartily welcomed.There was no need or demand for separate bedrooms, AC , no  lavish spread outs or  entertainment , but was  there was lots of fun, laughter and chirping of sparrows !

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