Thursday, March 27, 2014

Family Tree

The phone call was out of the blue,my  Mama / Uncle ,my Mom's cousin brother to be precise, wanted to create a family tree and wanted my help in filling in the blanks in the family history.I had to send him all the details of my parent's life, my siblings ,marriages ,kids, the works.
It was great to see that our ancestors were  remembered with love and respect , a lot of old family history was recollected and exchanged at the family reunion.
Painstakingly my Uncle collected the information from all concerned but surprisingly a few members just refused to respond. They were unconcerned that someone was sincerely working on this project , carefully filling in the information and trying to get the now widespread  far-flung family together.
It was amazing to find close relatives again and exchange photographs,phone numbers,but some just stonewalled the project.
The reasons can be personal, old memories can evoke nostalgia, tears and sometimes even heartburn.
It was difficult even for me to delve into old photographs of my childhood , see long gone beloved faces again, the old memories came flooding back along with tears.
Maybe the relatives who are slow in responding  do not want to bring out and air memories of yore.
Perhaps they are too busy in the present to recollect their childhood , go back to the roots which have nurtured and nourished their ambitions and dreams.
Perhaps  do not want to cloud the present with the shadows of the past.

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