Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Family Life

Time passed merrily , my Mom stayed with my grandparents and made a lifelong friend with my uncle , father's younger brother who was a student.. My Mom and chachaji or uncle, shared a beautiful relationship till her end , but she never forgot her motherless younger brothers she had left behind after marriage.
Two sons were born within a span of four years and she was allowed to accompany my father to his place of posting. The young couple lived in a small house away from big cities as my father worked in the Irrigation Department of the British Government.
There were no motor vehicles in that era ,and horses were my fathers mode of transport! Since his job took him to villages and hamlets he rode horseback along with his retinue of officials.He cut a dashing figure on horseback!
My Mom told us that once they had three horses in the stable , my father bought one for himself, my grandfather sent one too and a friend also left his horse with them for a short period!! A stable hand or a syees was employed to look after the horses who were properly looked after. Feeding the horses was not a big problem as my father bought an entire field of carrots for them,the entire produce of the field was for the horses.
 All this on his princely salary which would not even buy vegetables today!

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