Monday, December 12, 2011

Talkie Movies !

I was much fascinated with the era of silent movies and could hardly imagine how people could sit through them , maybe the attraction lay in the novelty.
The first indigenous silent movie produced in India was Raja Harischandra in 1913 , it was subtitled in Hindi and English .
Going to the movies was the ultimate experience as narrated by Mom , the movie was started in a homely atmosphere .when the audience had settled  comfortably in their chairs.The silent movies were accompanied by a running commentary by a person appointed for the purpose. We used to roll with laughter when we made Mom describe the experience ! No wonder the actors used really contrived expressions to get the story across!
Later when the talkie movies began, the actors sang their own songs as there was no playback singing. Sometimes we get glimpses of this bygone era and see actors holding a flower or a tree branch and singing their heart out! It was rare for an actor to be a good singer and most of the compositions were singsong and easy. K L Saigal was a popular actor singer and had an immense fan following including my Mom!
My parents were avid movie goers and watched all the new releases. My Mom wore trendy saris, did her hair in the fashion of the day and looked very pretty too!


  1. Hi anitha, I loved reading your blog. This blog of yours like a coool breeeeze. Hoping to see /feel more breeze .

  2. Thanks Anandhi , its nice to know you like it!