Friday, December 14, 2012


I grew up in the northern part of India where summers and winters are clearly demarcated. Summers are hot , dusty and winters are bitterly cold . Fortunately my school had long vacations for both the harsh seasons and we all looked forward to them.I love both the seasons as it means an entirely different life style ! I missed the lovely winters while staying in the southern part of India and found the climate monotonously hot and humid.
Winter meant a variety of flowers and roses in full bloom. Our garden was a very well looked after and had a large variety of seasonal flowers round the year.My Mom had a nice vegetable garden and we all enjoyed tending to it .
We had a good selection of awesome roses and were much appreciated by one and all.Roses are still my favourite flower and I have made them in various materials. Though Orchids are the flavour of the season and are considered very exotic  ( maybe because they need a special climate to grow) roses win hands down everytime.
Fortunately I have a garden and have gorgeous roses growing in abundance like the above.My gardener appreciates my knowledge of  plants and my ability to identify flowers correctly.

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