Thursday, May 17, 2012

Delhi- Retail Therapy

Delhi is a thickly populated city attracting thousands of migrants every year.No doubt its expensive as compared to other cities but an enterprising person can make money too.There are a myriad opportunities present for everyone. I have seen well-off aged ladies taking orders for home- made pickles, hand -knitted sweaters enthusiastically.
Actually the Punjabis are very hard working and enterprising, after the Partition many people coming from Pakistan made Delhi their home. They worked hard and prospered,bought shops and made it a success due to their warmth and sincerity. Trust me it's very difficult to leave a shop without making a purchase!
Palika Bazaar , the underground air-conditioned market at Connaught Place is always bustling with bonhomie and life. Its a task to walk through the by-lanes as shop keepers ask ,"Madam, kya chahiye?" , bargaining is mandatory. A sale goes on like this , "Madam,this is for Rs300 only," leaving the shop Madam says ,"Too much , its worth only 150!". After 5 minutes of friendly haggling ultimately both will settle Rs 200 or slightly less. Madam will good at getting a heavy discount and the seller will grin at his friends after making a neat profit, a transaction giving happiness to both!
Delhi is a shopper's paradise as things are really cheap at whole -sale rates. Stitched clothes are a big business and are exported to foreign countries. Sarojini Nagar in South Delhi is a young girl's dream come true as its's full of beautiful dresses, accessories and other things.Most of the colorful clothes are export rejects , they say heaps of clothes get rejected for a minor fault and sold at dirt cheap prices to recover the initial cost. One can buy gorgeous clothes for a pittance and appear trendy and hot!
Auntyji's or middle aged ladies prefer shopping at Karol Bagh which is vast market with several lanes lined with shops.There is an entire lane of jewellery shops and so on.My Mom shopped at the best shops at Karol Bagh for family weddings. She said that the big names took care to maintain high standards and it was money well spent ,she was right, the saris looked good for years!Large heaps of fashionable handbags are sold on the pavements like vegetables at Rs 100 each!
Dilli Haat with village ambience is a great place to shop for ethnic stuff and also see real artisans working on their wares. Its a good way to have a glimpse of Indian arts and crafts and taste the local food if one cannot visit all the states.Now there are two Delhi Haats , one at South Delhi and the other at Pitampura.

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