Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Marriage and after

 My parents got married on 18th May'1935 ,enjoyed 42 years of married life and are remembered  with love and respect by the family even today, a tough act to follow indeed!
  After marriage the young teenage motherless bride,my Mom was warmly welcomed by her new family.She missed her young brothers who were left to fend for themselves  in the large joint family, but could do nothing about it except visit them often.
   My grandparents were staunch Arya Samajis ,open minded and did not believe in astrology, pooja-path,predictions, omens etc . The Arya Samaj movement was at its zenith , and my grandfather followed the tenets of this Reformist Movement to the T and  performed havans at home with regularity.This influence stayed with my father all his life . He was the most logical person with modern outlook in all respects and I never heard him raise his voice on any occasion.
My grandmother was the only sister of seven brothers and  bore no ill -will to anybody.My Mom was treated well and did not have any bad experiences as such ,there must have been some rumblings no doubt but I never heard my Mom bad-mouthing her in-laws.
 My father was posted in the Irrigation department and Mom  had to stay with her in-laws for two years as was the norm in those times. In the meantime she got along famously with her younger brother-in-law and both shared a beautiful bhabhi-devar relationship for decades till she passed away.
   This was in 1935, no electricity, medicine was in its nascent stage.In fact people saw injections as a last resort and feared them.
So here she was in her new home ,in an amiable atmosphere,with a young educated husband who took her to the movies and shopping on his visits ! Bliss indeed .
Things were quite rosy, she gave birth to her eldest son and was sent to her maika on a long vacation to recuperate.

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